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About Requiem for Women

  • Requiem for Women - A performance for the Biennale Di Venezia 2011
    Iris Brosch will create a tableau vivant in memory of the millions of women who have been tortured, silenced, and executed over the centuries. The violence was legally justified in a book called Malleus Malfeficarum, published in 1486. Up until recently this mass killing had not been properly recognized, lost to history. These atrocities against women are still happening today. Women are still being burned, maybe not by fire but by violent images in pornography, domestic violence, wars, the global sex trade, and contemporary stereotypes of how women should look and act. This is a tribute to the lost female wisdom and feminine essence that unites women as one spirit. It is also a call to ignite the flame of solidarity amongst women. With this female energy flowing, we can create a better future for the world.

Venice Biennale


Thank You

  • Jutta Voss
    A special thanks to Jutta Voss, whose writings were an inspiration for the concepts of this project.