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  • I produced this performance during the venice art biennale 2013. The project describes the relationship between feminism and ecology, the mystical connection between woman and nature also called ECO FEMINISM. Woman and nature have a shared history of oppression by a patriarchal western society. Both are used and abused and cloth to extinction in a male system. iris brosch
    Woman is Nature, surprising, marvelous, implacable, full of colour. 
    Woman is tremendous like her essence of her being.
    She incarnates Earth and Sea.

    Woman is primordial. She embodies the vitality of plants, algae, shells, animals, clouds, sun, stars, sea and sky.

    As she is the soul of the earth and of life itself – she is all-powerful like thunder, lightning, or the waves of the ocean.
    She is a force of pure energy, neither good nor evil. She exists beyond human moral judgment. 

    Woman is the strength that can change the world.

    Today we live in the tremendous Chaos of the Old Order.
    The structure of the patriarchy is crumbling.
    There is not yet a precise, structured idea to help create a newer world order amidst the catastrophes that have been previously created. We live in a world where nobody is responsible for their own decisions anymore.

    Since the year 1000, the marriage of the city of Venice, depicted as a beautiful and wealthy, blonde woman, has been celebrated. The day of the Sensa (on the Feast of the Ascension) is when the Doge, who also represents the city, borne on a Bucintoro boat covered in golden statues, throws a gold ring into the Adriatic, saying ‘I marry thee, Sea’.
    The Latin phrase recited is '' Desponsamus te, mare. In signum veri perpetuique dominii..''

Venice Biennale

Desponsamus te mare: credits

  • Performance by Iris Brosch
    text by Fiora Gandolfi
    Producer: Stephan Blanc
    Assistant and backstage photographer: Kay Paris Fernandes
    Video makers: Silvia Berton, Alberto Mandelli
    Backstage photographer and blog: Alice Brunello Luise
    Make up: Luna Herrera
    Head pieces and props: Marina Majcen
    Costume designer: Sayuri Nguyen

    SPECIAL THANKS to Anna Vallini Beccegato

    Thanks to all the beautiful models:
    Arianna Bardelle
    Benedetta Barlone
    Chiara Bortolini
    Valentina Feula
    Chiara Loggia
    Monita Porter
    Eliana Santin
    Desirée Souviney
    Alice Toniolo
    Monita Porter